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Generac Gives You Power During Tough Storms

When the wind blows and the skies cloud over you may be in for more than a soggy afternoon or a slow drive home. When Mother Nature really unleashes her fury your home may be left without power, unless you have a Generac Standby generator. When the power goes out your Generac Standby Generator turns on automatically protecting your home and your family 24/7. And because Generac offers a variety of affordable models, dealing with disappointment may be Mother Nature’s new reality. So the next time you’re faced with unpredictable weather laugh at the wind and stand up to Mother Nature. Be prepared with the most trusted name in residential standby power Generac. Choose Generac and Never Feel Powerless Again.

How Generac Makes Power Outages Easy

A permanently installed automatic standby generator protects your family and home from damaging, dangerous power outages. With Generac you can be sure you’ll have hands-free operation, the quietest operation, and it will work if you’re home or away. Our generators will ensure the operation of your home security system even if the power is out! Never worry about getting ice for your refrigerator again, as you can rest assure your generator will supply power to prevent food spoilage! Generac standby generators are equipped with electronic governors to make sure steady, reliable electricity powers your sensitive electronics like plasma TV’s, computers, and medical equipment.

“Jeff, Casey and Marvin just installed a Generac generator for me. Obviously not a simple task. I was extremely pleased with their attitude and skill level.”
Sharon G.

Don’t Let A Generator Be An Eye Sore To Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Most Generac Automatic Standby Generators are not much bigger than a large air conditioner and can be concealed from view with minimal landscaping!

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